[Manyo Factory] Panthetoin Enriched Balm 80ml

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The secret of long-lasting intense moisture 4:1
  • The combination ratio of 4:1 unique to the witch factory found for more effective delivery to the skin. Panthenol 20,000ppm, which provides extreme moisture to sensitive skin, and ectoin 5,000ppm, which protects microorganisms living in extreme environments, fills the skin with deep moisture and soothes dry and sensitive skin, Strongly blocks moisture loss.
  • Adds moisture to moisture, and Sydney Ringer +, a patented moisturizing ingredient, quickly supplies moisture to keep it moist for a long time!
  • Low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid pulls in moisture to give deep moisturizing, and ceramide oliosomes, which are smaller than pores, tightly fill the gaps in the skin.
  • Rapid moisturizing charge with fast absorption : It is a balm formula that is thick but spreads smoothly as if it melts into the skin, and you can feel the moisturizing feeling that deepens every time you roll it on your skin.
  • No more residual feeling that clogs the skin. : It does not clog the skin with excellent application properties, so there is little irritation, and it forms a moisturizing film on the skin, so you can feel the smooth skin texture.

1. Apply to areas prone to wrinkles in a dry environment, such as around the eyes, sides of the nose, and nasolabial folds! Add moisture by layering.
2. Apply a thick layer on dry areas such as around the lips, neck, and elbows to calm dead skin cells.

Each person may have different effects.
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