[MEDI-PEEL] Peptide 9 Volume White Cica Essence Pro 100ml

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*Upgraded from Peptide 9 Volume White Cica Essence to Pro version.
*It may be sent randomly according to the release schedule.


  • UPGRADE: Soothing & whitening ingredients doubled! 2x more powerful PRO version. Clearer and brighter skin with double-strengthened ingredients. Whitening bubble essence that comforts and revitalizes the skin with 9 types of peptides and cica complex that are twice as strong.
  • More powerful White CICA Complex : 5 Cica Extracts + Panthenol It soothes irritated skin and builds a solid barrier, so that skin can endure external stimuli and maintain a healthy condition.
  • Phenomenal absorption power : Fine oxygen bubbles are quickly absorbed for a soft, firm feel. Fast! Effectively! Skin absorption 7.9 times higher!
  • TEXTURE : Moist and comfortable moisture essence formulation. TOK TOK! Fine oxygen bubbles rising gently. It reduces irritation and helps increase elasticity and adhesion by allowing nutrients to be absorbed thoroughly.
  • Dual functionality for whitening and wrinkle improvement. Skin irritation test completed

After using toner, pump 1-2 times and gently spread over the entire face.
After 10 seconds, when the oxygen bubbles rise, tap lightly to absorb them.
Gently absorb any remaining bubbles without wiping them away.

*There is no straw. Airless containers are premium containers that lift the contents using air pressure without a straw.
**Pumping is not working well. When using for the first time, pump sufficiently 5-10 times or more. When pumping, be sure to press the button all the way down. If you have separated the main body and the spraying pump part, reassemble it and pump it several times until all the air comes out.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Good product

My skin looks healthier and even , very good light cream


I like the fact that it is a bubble type, so it feels better absorbed into the skin


I really like it after using it


It leaves the skin so smooth and plumped!it’s very light scented and the texture is beautiful which is nice for my sensitive skin .i use it before my moisturizer. it’s got decent size the packaging it quite lovely and it’s a good quality product