[Mise en scene] Perfect Base Up Essence 200ml

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  • A non-washout hair treatment(hair essence) that contains the nutrition of perfect serum.
  • Soft velvet hair care, 230 degree high temperature heat protection
  • Double the amount of existing hair essence
  • Enhancing the ingredients of Golden Morocco Argan Oil!
  • As soon as it is applied, it gives soft velvet hair as if it were a treatment. Makes the hair base firmer after shampooing and before drying.
  • A hair essence that effectively works on damaged hair with 7 kinds of natural oil ingredients with golden blending technology. Provides nutrient intensive supply to damaged hair surface with hair essence and helps improve hair texture with coting.
  • Hair essence that improves hair gloss, moisture, strength, and elasticity, and improves tangles, roughness, and cracks of hair, making it soft and smooth.
  • Contains 7 natural oils : Jojoba oil and olive oil moisturize, coconut oil coats the hair, marula oil and argan oil protects the hair, apricot extract adds shine to the hair, and camellia oil nourishes the hair.
  • A softy creamy formulation, evenly applied to the hair and absorbed quickly.

STEP 01 : After shampooing, apply evenly to towel-dried wet hair.
STEP 02 : Nutrition ingredients are charged into the hair and finished with a moisture coating, so there is no need to wash it off.
STEP 03 : After using the product, if you dry it with a hair dryer, the heat will activate the hair components and help your hair health.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Nora E.A.

Forse grazie alla funzione di protezione dal calore non si sbriciola nemmeno dopo l'uso dell'asciugatrice ed è molto morbido.

Mary F.

I have semi-curly hair, but it makes me feel calm.
It doesn't cause breakouts, isn't greasy, and smells great!

Klara B.

Tangled hair is gently untangled and hair becomes more elastic.