[Mise en scene] Perfect Serum Original 80ml

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  • Repair your hair within 3 days with miracle oil serum. Mise en scène Perfect Serum is an oil-infused hair serum that provides intensive damage care. Highly enriched with argan oil, royal jelly and rose water, this perfect repair serum boosts nutrient deep into your hair, leaving hair smooth, silky, manageable and nourished. It can be used as conditioning, styling and finishing tool to calm and nourish your hair with shine. No rinse if neede after use.
  • When you want to provide instant care to damaged hair
  • When you want to strengthen and improve weak hair
  • When you want to protect damaged hair from fine dust

Dry lightly with a towel after shampooing.
Evenly apply a coin size of this serum on the entire hair, especially for the rear and damaged part of your hair, and then dried up your hair.
When your hair is dried, apply a little serum onto tip of the hair to finish. Your hair will become shiny.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Margarita S.M.Q.
totally good for the hair , highly recommended

loveeeee totally good for the hair , highly recommended really love the product . Best product ever

Cecilie D.
Must buy

This saves my hair. Apply before drying your hair so your ends don't get fried!

Jamila H.

words cannot describe how much i love this.


smells soo good and it makes my hair so shiny


Love this affordable serum! You can’t a find better price for this serum and I like it because it’s not too oily and the best part is it smell really good! I’ve been using for 2 weeks already and I can confirm that my hair became less dry. FYI I bleached my hair and dyed my hair a month ago and my hair was SUPER dry and this really helped :)