[moremo] Hair Essence Delightful Oil 70ml

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Oil essence for hair. Moisturize, give your hair vitality. Strengthens the hair cuticle and protects them from external factors.
Hair Essence Delightful Oil moisturizes, gives hair vitality
Macadamia oil and jojoba hair will make your hair incredibly soft and smooth.
Olive, almond and brazil nut will maintain the water balance, preventing dehydration and preventing dry hair.
Camellia and argan oil will make hair docile and easier to comb, thereby preventing damage to the structure and solve the problem of excessive hair loss.
Contains a complex of 8 nutritious oils (Brazil nuts, olive, argan, almonds, camellia, macadamia, avocado, jojoba), which help to restore damaged hair.

[How to use]
Apply the required amount to all the hair, especially on the damaged areas, ensuring an even distribution. You can apply it before and after drying.

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