[shaishaishai] BANANA Conceal Eye Cream 15g

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  • It is a moisturizing dark circle cover eye cream without wrinkling. It is the best item that is loved by many people and is the number one repurchase product.
  • This product can be used as a tone-up cream, tannery, wrinkle improvement, and dark circle cover. It is a product that brightens dark circles around the eyes or dull areas of the face, which are trouble areas.
  • Reviews claim that the apricot color is easy on the eyes, the product is hydrating, covering, and cares for wrinkles, making it easy to put on makeup and create transparent skin. It is a product that can brighten up just under the eyes and provide good coverage even when applied on the bare face.
  • This product has completed the skin low irritation test.
  • This product can be used to cover dark circles when going out for a while, to use as a tone-up cover for light skin makeup, or to care for the eye area when applying makeup.
  • This product is recommended to be applied during the day as it contains a pigment similar to your skin tone and can smudge on bedding.
  • Although a very small amount of pigment is included, it is a product that can be neatly wiped with only the cleansing foam and gel cleanser.
  • It is a product that has been researched as an anti-aging functional eye cream bone structure and does not cause eye irritation that can occur with face makeup and sunscreen products.

Apply at the last step of skin care.
Skin Care - Sun Cream - Banana Eye Cream
You can apply it to the troubled areas around the eyes or use it as a tone-up cream all over the face.
1. Apply an appropriate amount to the eye area and pat lightly for absorption.
2. Spread an appropriate amount on the entire face like a tone-up cream and let it absorb.

Each person may have different effects.
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It is not an eye cream that you put on before going to bed. An eye cream and concealer cream that moisturizes the dark circles around the eyes that cause wrinkles when using a foundation or cushion before going out. It is not dry.