[SKIN1004] Madagascar Centella Air-Fit Suncream Plus SPF 50+ PA++++ 50ml

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EXTRA CENTELLA ASIATICA : Strong calming care of quality Centella Asiatica, raised in a clean climate. High purity of Madagascar Centella Asiatica is contained 20% more than the original to comfortably soothe the irritated skin and strengthen the skin barrier. The calming of top-quality Centella Asiatica is delivered directly to your skin from the clean nature of Madagascar through meticulous and thorough 4-step process from picking to extracting the goodness of Madagascar.

NON-NANO PHYSICAL SUNSCREEN : With the combination of non-nano physical sunblock deflecting the UV rays and the powerful sunblock function provided by SPF 50+ PA++++, anyone can use comfortably, even sensitive skin.

NATURAL TONE-UP : Without leaving any white cast, it brightens the skin tone as it is my natural skin. Centella Air-Fit Suncream contains brightening Made White TM from Centella Asiatica of Madagascar for glowing skin.

TIGHTLY ADHESIVE SUNBLOCK : It has a texture that adheres to the skin for a long time. Creamy texture with a light brown color which is unique to the Centella Asiatica extracts. It creates a soft and moist sun block layer without white cast.

Shake before use! (Due to the characteristic of liquid texture products, this product contains a sizable amount of powder-based ingredients) Apply thoroughly and softly on face with a proper amount.

Each person may have different effects.
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