[SKIN1004] ZOMBIE BEAUTY Witch Pack 1BOX (15g X 8EA)

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  • Zombie Beauty Witch Pack will take care of all those skin troubles and wash your worries away.
  • EVERY DROP OF GREEN TEA IS IN IT : Green Tea Leaf Water(71%), Green Tea Powder, Green Tea Extract and Green Tea Oil. Every essence of green tea is contained in this 1 single pack. Experience fresh yet soothing cleansing effect with Zombie Beauty.
  • CREAMY MUD TEXTURE : Greenish mud dries over your face and leaves cooling effect while it doesn’t irritate skin like other existing mud pack. Inorganic powders like Kaolin and Bentonite would gently cover every corner of your face to give soothing effect.
  • DEAD SKIN, ROUGH SKIN, PORES. GO AWAY! : Whenever your skin feel dry, rough, irritated and hot, just put on some Witch Pack to take care of all those skin troubles. After deep cleansing with a mud pack, you may feel that your skin has changed into a soft and smooth one.
  • COMPACT AND HYGIENIC PACKAGE : On top of 8 individual mud packs, Mini Pack Brush is included to provide delicate and detailed application. Each pack is prepared in a separate packaging for hygienic use, and each of them contains 15g of mud, which would be abundant for your face.

After opening the pouch, pour mud pack onto brush or hand. Spread evenly on face along skin texture except around eyes and lips. Dry for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

TIP : Recommended to use once or twice a week

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Ich bekomme Mitesser auf meiner Nase und es ist eine großartige Arbeit, sie zu beseitigen. In einer der kleinen Packungen ist viel Produkt, sodass Sie dicke Schichten auftragen können. Es verbrennt meine empfindliche Haut nicht und lässt mich nicht ausbrechen, also bin ich ein großer Fan. Ich habe auch das Gefühl, dass meine Poren etwas kleiner sind, aber das könnte Wunschdenken sein. Ich würde nicht sagen, dass es vollständig feuchtigkeitsspendend ist, weil ich danach immer noch ihre Honigpackung und eine Feuchtigkeitscreme brauche, aber es reinigt und reinigt definitiv. 10/10

I Finally Found THE Mask!

I've searched for a facial mask that treats, heals, and nourishes my skin for years. Every single mask I tried caused inflammation, worsened breakouts, and painful reactions.But not this one.

It's like a cool compress for my face. It soothes inflammation, helps heal my skin, and prevent breakouts (including cystic and hormonal acne). It just feels so nice and calming.
My face feels smoothe, nourished, and happy when I use the mask, and I look forward to using it every time.

For reference, I have extremely sensitive skin; in addition to several allergies. This mask has been a complete game changer in my skincare routine.
I also use the Zombie mask from their skincare line, and it's a really amazing. If I had to choose between the two, the witch mask is my personal favorite because it helps so much with my acne, inflammation, and healing breakouts quickly :)