[SKINFOOD] Apricot Food Mask 120g

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Calm & Purify with the Apricot Food Mask! This cream type mask calms troubled and irritated skin with 10% Apricot Extract and Calamine to soothe sensitized skin. Added Kaolin helps to absorb excess sebum for purified and clear skin.

Apricots are packed with antioxidants to fight signs of aging and act as an excellent skin soothing ingredient. Apricot extract is extracted with sun-kissed Turkish apricots and combining traditional Chinese herbal medicine extraction and cold decoction method to preserve nutrients and benefits from the apricot.

After cleansing, apply onto face or any area that needs calming relief. Leave on for 5-10 min and rinse off.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Jenna C.

Whoever left a review complaining that these samples are “doll sized” is a drama queen. First of all, these are high quality masks. Secondly, you get a MINIMUM of 3 uses out of each jar, and that’s if you slather it on thick. If you use the recommended amount of product, you can easily get 6+ uses…which is really good for a trial sample!!!

I have a skincare regimen that I follow religiously, and part of that is doing a face mask every night. This has made my evening routine so much fun. I’ve got a full sized jar of the SKINFOOD Egg White mask and I love it. After trying these out, I’m going to get a few more.

Also I can’t say enough about the SKIN1004 masks (different brand). The zombie pack, mummy pack, and witch packs are the best. Definitely recommend if you’re a face mask fan like me. :)

Livelove S.

It's good and it never breaks me out.


Really great for deep cleansing. Great when you use the egg white face mask right after! Helps me get rid of excess dead skin cells on my face. 10/10