[SOME BY MI] Miracle AC Clear Spot Treatment 10ml

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  • Miracle AC’s spot care removes P.acnes inside the skin and prevents it from being spread to keep acne from getting worse. Trouble 8-Care for perfect acne calming care.
  • Miracle AC Clear Spot Treatment is composed with : Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract (Protects the skin, Boosts the skin energy) / Eclipta Prostrata Extract (Moisturizing, Soothes) / Ficus Carica (Fig) Fruit Extract (Restores skin condition, Anti-aging) / Artemisia Annua Extract (Calming, Anti-inflammatory)
  • 4-Peeling Care : PHA (Minimizes moisture loss), AHA (Exfoliation care), BHA (Removes sebum in pores), LHA (Mild exfoliation care)
  • Super absorbs residue in pores without a trace : As green paste clay on the skin layer slowly dries off, it fully absorbs the impurities inside the pores and removes them.
  • AC treatment that is not irritating, but rather gentle. A soft green paste texture that dries without irritation.

1. Tok Tok before going to bed : Before going to bed, after your daily skincare routine, spread on the skin until the area is fully covered and wash it off the next day.
2. SOS emergency care : Apply whenever needed on the areas with unexpected acne.
3. Tok Tok on the scalp : Apply even on the scalp acne where it’s hard to care.

- Due to the nature of the product, it is not absorbed into the skin. Therefore, if it is not dried enough, it may leave on the pillow.
- Closed the lid after use and if it is not closed well, it may dry.
※ Be careful when storing at high temperatures.
- The product contains a high content of kaolin. So, the essence in the product may appear separated during use. This is a natural phenomenon and not a defect.

Each person may have different effects.
※ All purchased items from our listings will be shipped from South Korea.

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Melike Ö.

hope it works 🙏

Esther H.R.
An Amazing Product

Wow I am not at all sorry that I took a chance and bought this!!
I am definitely ordering more of it!!
Well worth it.

Lyubka K.T.

Happy with product though it has only been 1 week.

Iryna P.

worth to buy

Rebecca C.

Highly recommend