[the SAEM] Silk Hair Repair Pack 200ml

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  • A hair pack that intensively cares for dull and split hair, making it soft and shiny like silk.
  • Intensive nutritional care for extremely damaged hair #Repair Pack : Active ingredients such as protein, hyaluronic acid, and oil provide intensive nutrition to hair that has become dull and rough due to damage from frequently used heat or chemical treatments, and penetrate deep into the ends of split hair to provide deep care for each hair.
  • Shine Capture adds shine to damaged hair : By applying the Shine Capture System, which uses 10 plant-derived oils, including argan oil, to add shine to rough hair, it provides softer, more moist hair and protects hair from damage from the external environment, making hair healthy and shiny.
  • Smooth, rich cream adhesive texture : The dense and creamy rich cream texture has excellent adhesion and adheres tightly to the hair, sticking to rough and damaged hair to provide nutritious moisture and shine.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR : Those who are concerned about damaged hair due to hair salon procedures such as perm or bleaching, Those who are concerned about dry, dull, stiff hair, Those whose hair is dry and brittle due to lack of nutrition, Those who are burdened with beauty salon clinic costs

After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount evenly to the entire hair except the scalp, especially focusing on the ends of the hair, massage, and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Good Extra Step After Conditioner

Similar to your face and face masks, sometimes your hair needs a little extra moisture and shine. I used this product once a week after conditioner. It helped my hair not frizz as much and kept it more moisturized for longer in between washes so my hair didn't appear as oily before hair day. I am sensitive to fragrance though; the smell is incredibly floral and hits strong when you first use it. The smell does fade though and becomes a really bearable, pleasant light and bright scent throughout the day. My hair texture is very fine and straight.

Works Great!

I wanted to staft to take better care of my hair so I bought this and it works great! I use it after shampooing and massage for a bit before rinsing like the directions say and it leaves my hair so soft and smelling good. Would definitely recommend!

Amaria W.

Stunning repair pack, I used it for me and my daughter, it works great, leaving your hair with a shiny and healthy look, smells very great.

I will purchase it again and again.

Bianca A.
my hair is like silk!

I love this stuff. Out of the 20 I have purchased, this one is my favorite

Best product I’ve ever tried!

I was contemplating cutting off my hair because I was tired of constant frizz and randomly got this product at a Tony Moly store in Mexico City and couldn’t believe how much it helped my hair! I had to order more immediately-it’s the only thing that weighs the frizziness down and makes it nice and silky!