[TIAM] Vita B5 Toner 180ml

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  • Pro-Vitamin B5 10,000PPM An alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and low pH hydrating toner that replenishes lost moisture to hydrate the skin and keep the skin's pH balanced.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT YET HYDRATING : This Korean hydrating facial toner leaves the skin feeling hydrated without tacky or heavy feeling when layered. Perfect to become a simple facial toner for all skin types including dry sensitive skin and combination skin
  • LOW pH KOREAN FACIAL TONER: This hydrating face toner helps the skin stay balanced and calmed by restoring it to its optimal pH level after cleansing
  • HYDRATING FACE TONER: As our best hydrating toner for face, this face toner locks in hydration, provide oil-water balance and increases skin hydration
  • PREPS DEWY SKIN FOR NEXT STEPS: Made with Vitamin B5, this k beauty face toner keeps the skin hydrated, supple, and dewy, making it perfect as a base for your next skincare products
  • GENTLE FACE TONER: TIAM Vita B5 Panthenol Toner is formulated with alcohol-free, essential oil free, and fragrance fee. Can be used comfortably for combination skin, oily skin, and dry sensitive skin. This alcohol-free Korean facial toner with non-drying formula will be absorbed quickly into the skin to restore hydration and healthy skin

Apply evenly to the face with cotton pad or hands.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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This toner was very nice to use on my acne-prone skin. My skin drinks this stuff up and gets nice and plump after using it. I’d honestly skip the cotton and use this like you would an essence for the best results. The panthenol in this is also great if you are suffering from a damaged moisture barrier.


Very impressed, super hydrating. This is a gel like toner that turns to water on the skin. Wish I had found this years ago. So gentle for sensitive skin and perfect for someone who’s ruined their moisture barrier going overboard with Korean beauty😛