[UNLEASHIA] Glacier Vegan Lip Balm (2 Colors) 3.3g

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Dazzling vegan lip balm coats lips with soothing moisture and shine. It features Vitamin Complex and shea butter to deliver nourishing and hydrating effects to skin. Lip balm is packed with light-reflecting, sorbet-like pearls that melt onto lips for a soft and smooth finish. Comes in two versions: the transparent No.1 Snow Frost with gold pearls, and the sheer pink No.2 Blue Lagoon with blue and white silver shimmery pearls.

  • A daily nourishing glitter lip balm with multidimensional light-reflecting shimmers, leaving a dewy lips.
  • Contains soothing and moisturizing Vitamin Complex and Shea Butter to effectively moisturize chapped lips.
  • Double layer coating to keep the lips nourished for a long period of time.
  • Soft sorbet-like pearls that melts into the lips without irritation.
  • Eco-friendly lip balm formulated with vegan natural ingredients.
  • Does not leave the lips feeling greasy.

  • No.1 Snow Frost : A clear lip balm with 100% gold pearls, perfect for a makeup no makeup day.
  • No.2 Blue Lagoon : A color changing lip balm with pink, blue and white silver shimmer pearls that will change to pink when applied on lips.

Apply the lip balm on bare lips or on top of any lip products.

Each person may have different effects.
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The best pearl feeling. It has good moisturizing properties and is better than lipstick.