[dasique] Blending Mood Cheek Knit Collection #04 Beige Knit 11.4g

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A warm knit cheek palette that mixes and matches an argyle pattern with a warm beige coral knit.
Contains natural lecithin to minimize dryness in the skin and to create smooth skin without highlighting pores.
It contains plant-derived oil binders with excellent spreadability to minimize dusting and blends naturally without borders.

  • Nude Beige : Nude coral beige color that adds brilliance
  • Warm Argyle : A calm peach coral color that adds a subtle atmosphere
  • Rose Coat : Luxurious rose-colored pink color that goes well with warm tones
  • Coral Suede : Deep coral color resembling the light of autumn sunset

Take a suitable amount with a brush or a finger to apply it evenly.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Lisa d.
Nice color pallet

The colors are beautiful and work well when wanting a natural neutral look.