[ISOI] Intensive Energizing Cream EX 60ml

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Is the core invisible?
NO! You have to see it with your eyes to see real core elasticity.

How does the inside change more than the outside?
change from the core. This is the isoi skill

One cream manages the five major facial wrinkles, from freshly formed eye lines to deep nasolabial folds!

Core elasticity strengthening ingredients UP!
Peptide and vegetable mucin fill in the gaps in core elasticity to complete the core elasticity support that does not collapse easily.

Liquid Diamond Bulgarian Rose Oil
Extracted only 1g from 3,000 roses! It is incomparably more expensive than secondary and tertiary oils, but you can never give up because the difference in effectiveness is so great.

If my skin is like this now, I must try Core Elasticity Cream EX! please write
1 If invisible wrinkles and sagging begin to appear
2 If the pillow marks and mask marks last for a long time
3 If you are worried about dull and dull skin
4 If the oil-moisture balance is broken and the skin is tight,
5 If you are not satisfied with any elasticity care products,

[How to use]
At the last step of basic skin care, take an appropriate amount and apply evenly to the face and neck.
If you pat the face with both hands as if covering it, it helps to absorb more densely.

Each person may have different effects.
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