[AMUSE] Vegan Green Lip Balm (2 Types) 3.5g

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Vegan Green Lip Balm is a moisturizing daily lip balm that provides soft moisture and rich nutrition to the lips with the optimal ratio of healthy plant-derived moisturizing ingredients found in nature, Jeju rapeseed oil, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and phytoncica complex.

  • #01 CLEAR : Anytime, anywhere moist and soft, moisturizing & nourishing transparent lip balm
  • #02 ROSE : Moisturizing is basic, and it is a transparent rosy lip balm that completes lively lips by adding complexion tinting.

Plant-derived powder with two different melting points adheres once to the lips and melts softly and moistly once more, providing powerful double-adherence moisturizing.

Apply frequently to the lips.

Each person may have different effects.
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