[AXIS-Y] Cera-Heart My Type Duo Cream 60ml

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Cera-Heart My Type Duo Cream is just that—a duo cream that allows us to customize our skincare routine based on how our skin looks and feels to create a unique “my type” routine for healthy and happy skin always.

A “U Zone” and “T Zone” cream that tends to your skin’s year-round, ever-changing moisturizing needs for a youthful, nourished glow.

Suggested application : Use the blue gel-type cream for your T Zone and the white thicker cream on your U Zone


STEP 1 : Use the provided spatula two scoop the desired amount of cream.

STEP 2 : Apply the blue T zone cream on oily areas; apply the white U zone cream on dry areas; combine for areas needing moisture and hydration.

Each person may have different effects.
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