Delivery & Shipping

  • Shipping costs may vary depending on destination country and package weight. Exact shipping cost will be displayed at checkout.
  • All packages are shipped from Korea with tracking number. Handling time is 2-5 business days. If delivery is not possible due to discontinuation or out of stock, we will contact you individually.
  • Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping costs. We do our best to avoid customs clearance issues, but we cannot guarantee that you will not be caught in customs clearance. Some charges, if incurred, are the buyer's responsibility as these are beyond our control. (Especially in EU countries, customs duties or additional fees may be charged upon arrival for purchases over 150 Euros.)
  • Standard shipping takes approximately 3 to 4 weeks to arrive, and DHL Express Shipping takes approximately 5 to 10 days to arrive. However, this is not absolute and may vary depending on the destination country and shipping conditions at the time of shipment.
  • Once your package has been shipped, a tracking number will be sent to the email address you entered when ordering.
  • We are doing our best to resolve shipping issues in countries where we cannot deliver. Thank you again for your understanding.
  • Free Standard Shipping for orders over $70
  • Free DHL Express Shipping for orders over $150

Guidelines for Major Shipping Countries

  • Shipping is not available if exceeding the duty-free limit of USD 800. Packages may be split at our discretion.

  • Please provide shipping information in Japanese. Using English may cause local delivery delays or returns.
  • Exceeding duty-free limit of JYP 16,666 (about USD 144) makes shipping unavailable. Packages may be split at our discretion.
  • Recipient name must be in Yomigana (Hiragana, Katakana, English). 
  • Maximum of 24 items per product for shipping.
  • Up to 120 mask sheets allowed.

  • Duties or fees incurred for purchases over EUR 150 are the responsibility of the recipient.
  • Please consider placing multiple orders if you do not wish to incur them.

  • Fees may apply upon arrival when shipping from Korea to Canada. This is the responsibility of the recipient.
By completing the order, you agree to these terms and we will process your order without further notice.
Ballagrio is not liable for any issues arising from failure to review this information.
We appreciate your understanding.
USDHL Express$19.90~
EU Countries (CY, BE, BG, CZ, DK, FR, GR, HU, IT, RO, SK, SE, DE, PT, AT, NL, FI, IE, LV, LT, SI, EE, PL)Standard$2.90~
EU Countries (CY, BE, BG, CZ, DK, FR, GR, HU, IT, RO, SK, SE, DE, PT, AT, NL, FI, IE, LV, LT, SI, EE, PL)DHL Express$35.00~
EU Countries (HR, MT, LU)Standard$4.90~
EU Countries (HR, MT, LU)DHL Express$35.00~
GBDHL Express$19.90~
JP, SGStandard$0.00
JP, SGDHL Express$19.90~
AUDHL Express$19.90~
CADHL Express$19.90~
ISDHL Express$19.90~
KWDHL Express$19.90~
NZDHL Express$19.90~
AEDHL Express$19.90~
SADHL Express$19.90~
*This is a reference table showing the major countries where delivery is possible.
*Additionally, we can ship to many countries around the world.