[ACWELL] Solar Defense Licorice Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA++++ 50ml

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  • Patented Korean Plants complex : Contains unique Korean botanical ingredients such as Poterium Officinale extracts, Veronica officinalis extracts for sensitive skin Block completely out the sun's rays with the 10,000 ppm of patented ingredients.
  • Not only UV protection, But also sunray protection : Blocking of all four harmful Sun rays UVA, UVB, Near Infrared rays, Blue Light.
  • Clean to skin, clean to planet : No harmful UV protection ingredients to marine ecosystem. Eliminate coral reef destructive ingredients.
  • Mixing chemical and physical sunscreen that takes only advantages from Chemical and Physical UV protection : Combine advantages of chemical and physical sunscreen with a smooth, non-sticky finish and UV protection without irritation for sensitive skin. Block-out UV completely with double filtering that takes only advantages of chemical + physical UV protection.
  • Resistant to sweat and sebum : Oil film coating that is resistant to sweat and sebum can show clean skin even after a long time of use. The light film coating is good for wearing a long time face mask and outdoor activities. Safety hypoallergenic sunscreen with human application test completed.

1. Spread it out evenly on the face until It is complelety absorbed. It naturally brightnes and evens out your skin tone.
2. Please wash off your face with a cleansing gel(or foam) gently massaging in a circular motion as It is sweat and sebum resistant.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Matilda H.

A mild, hypoallergenic sunscreen that does not cause makeup to fall off and does not cause side effects such as skin rashes even when applied to sensitive skin.
The staying power and adhesion are really good so I am willing to purchase it again💙

Gabriella M.

I have sensitive skin and I often have U-line skin troubles.
Acwell sunscreen is easy to apply and moisturizing, so it feels like a hypoallergenic moisturizing lotion!
It's very comfortable because the amount at the entrance can be adjusted, and after applying it, my tone improves slightly, so I didn't feel burdened by applying sunscreen and using a cushion compact!

Lewis C.

I took it with me on my recent trip to Cebu and used it very well!!


It spreads well and is not drying. I recommend it because there is no eye strain!