[AGE20's] Signature Essence Cover Tone-Up Base SPF 35 PA++ (3 Colors) 40ml

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  • Perfect base for 24-hour makeup : Brightens skin and fixes makeup effectively! Enhances skin tone and makes skin look flawless and even + Protects skin with moisture-packed hydrating essence + Helps makeup stay for 24 hours thanks to the skin-tight formula

  • Glowing healthy skin : Brought by moisture protecting layers 71% essence packed with moisture helps strengthen moisture holding capacity and skin barriers. Protect your skin from external factors.

  • Conditions skin : Makes skin smoother as the lightweight fine particle powder covers the gaps between wrinkles and curves on skin.

  • Wax-free formula : Helps skin breathe more easily even with makeup on as it is free of wax that coats the surface of skin.

PINK : BRIGHT AND RADIANT BASE for dull and dark skin tones
GREEN : CLEAN AND CALM for uneven and red skin tones
PURPLE : BRIGHT AND CLEAR for dull and yellow skin tones

Apply to skin after skincare products before base makeup.
Gently spread an appropriate amount on the forehead, the skin under the eyes, the cheeks and the chin and help it absorb into skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Good quality and surprisingly quick shipment to USA

I was little bit doubt at the beginning of the purchase from this website. But then it turns out really good. I got my favorite product! This primer makes face very bright


It definitely feels shiny and moist.


As someone who isn't too big on makeup (both because it feels weird on my face and because I have no idea what I'm doing), I adore this product. I actually find that I don't even need anything else. A thin layer of this gets rid of my redness, and that's really all I'm looking for. A little goes a long way, at least for me.

A very unique product

This is a very unique product - a hybrid of base tint, primer, foundation, spf and moisturizer. It goes on very smoothly, makes the skin silky soft and adds the prettiest pink tint to the complexion. For those of us who are very fair skinned with pink undertones, it is the perfect solution to not wearing the wrong foundation color. I did not rate it for spf, because I have not worn it outdoors yet, but if the spf is as good as the remainder of the product, this is a homerun!

Perfect. Just amazed with difference!

Perfect coverage! Really love! I’m 71 years young…impressive!