[AMUSE] Dew Wear Foundation (3 Colors) SPF 50+ PA++++ 30ml

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  • NATURAL SKIN : The birth of a new concept skip care foundation that provides care and coverage at the same time. Dew Wear Foundation that creates clear, bright, natural glowing skin for 24 hours.
  • Natural glowing skin that lasts 24 hours : Moisturizing, hydrating glow, close-fitting coverage, moist and chewy dew jelly texture that lasts for 24 hours, giving skin a clear, bright, natural glow that doesn't break down all day long.
  • 0.00 Hypoallergenic Skip Care Foundation : Highly nutritious & highly moisturizing 70% jelly ampoule and 6 skin care ingredients responsible for inner moisturizing, texture, and tone care! A 0.00 hypoallergenic skip care foundation that applies makeup well without putting much effort into the basics and makes your skin healthier and prettier the more you use it. & SPF 50+ PA++++ that allows you to skip sunscreen
  • One-layer, close-fitting cover that allows the skin to breathe : A one-layer, close-fitting cover that provides a dense double cover while allowing the skin to breathe without feeling dull or stuffy, creating clean, smooth, beautiful skin with no gaps.

Before use, shake, hold the top and bottom of the container and turn it to the right to open it. After pumping according to the desired amount, apply evenly to the skin using hands or a sponge.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Esha P.
This foundation is a really great

This foundation is a really great lightweight product that honestly reminds me of an improved version of the Dew Jelly cushion. The formula is full of moisture and the SPF is amazing! Coverage is definitely quite light but it still covers my redness pretty well and I just use concealer for blemishes.
This foundation gives a beautiful and natural dewy finish - it very much is a my skin but better product. For such a moist product it lasts pretty well, but will come off if you touch it too much. I personally use a good primer underneath + powder in the T zone and it still looks great by the end of the day.
I definitely recommend this to dry skin folks - I bought this to use while on tret and it works like a charm.

Ahmele D.

I’m glad Amuse finally came out with a foundation bottle. I’ve always been a fan of their cushions but I always find myself using up the refills quickly. This foundation reminds me of the Dew Power + Dew Jelly cushions.

Marc A.W.
like foundation

Very thin coverage and natural skin like foundation, it pretty much just evens out your skin tone.. Love the sponges it comes it, the shape is very useful to have flat sides and a rounded tip.