[AMUSE] Lip & Cheek Healthy Balm (5 Colors) 3g

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  • Complete a moist and refreshing Juicy-glow with the Lip & Cheek Healthy Balm by freely mixing the two textures and colors.
  • Dive right into the juicy pulp of fresh fruits with our 2 Juicy-glow colors – introducing 5 Shades! Inspired by ripe fruits, we bring you a Lip & Cheek Healthy Balm in 5 Shades that perfectly captures the moist and refreshing essence of 2 Juicy-glow colors, satisfying various skin undertones.
  • Whether it's bare-faced or foundation-free makeup, achieve a radiant look that seems naturally healthy and full of vitality with our Juicy-glow Finish. Use the two colors alone or freely mix and match for diverse custom creations.
  • Experience the clarity and buildable layers of our Cream & Balm – two textures of juicy layering. With 70% essence content, our Cream & Balm textures give not only shine but also perfect moisture. Adjust the intensity as desired for a radiant, three-dimensional lip & cheek makeup contour.
  • [CREAM] As if applying on a blank canvas, our white-fitting powder-enriched texture gives a subtle sheen with high adhesion & high color payoff. Use it alone or as a pure pastel-tone base color.
  • [BALM] Melting without stickiness, our high-gloss & translucent balm texture can be used alone or layered for a clear, vibrant point color, completing a three-dimensional contour makeup.
  • All-in-one Lip & Cheek, 2-in-1 Multi-use & Easy-use. Whenever and wherever you want to add some vitality or feel dryness, easily complete the juicy girl makeup with just a few taps of your fingertips. No special techniques or tools needed.
  • Always with you – Handy size & Colorful design. Perfectly fits in mini bags, pouches, or pockets. Carry it anywhere with ease. Our design captures AMUSE's delightful vibes, adding joy to your everyday life.
  • Pursuing sustainability with our Vegan Lip & Cheek Healthy Balm. From formulation to manufacturing and packaging, we've rigorously verified the entire product creation process and achieved the France EVE Vegan certification, underlining our commitment to sustainability with our vegan lip & cheek healthy balm.

Take an appropriate amount and lightly apply it on both cheeks and lips as if patting it on. By layering as much as you want, you can adjust the intensity and create various mood makeup looks.

Each person may have different effects.
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#01 boksoonga balm has gorgeous colours perfect for warmer weathers! the colours are also long-lasting, as they leave a stain.