[Anua] Heartleaf Pore Control Cleansing Oil 200ml

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  • Cleansing oil that gently removes blackheads and sebum without clogging pores. Deep cleansing of blackheads and sebum. Use acne-prone skin relief. Contains soothing ingredients for the skin. Skin irritation test complete.
  • By mixing water and oil, it effectively removes makeup and finishes fresh through the process of melting sebum.
  • 5 Alpha Avocuta helps with sebum care.
  • Non-Comed Oil, which contains houttuynia cordata extract, which is effective in calming the skin, soothes sensitive and sensitive skin.

Apply an appropriate amount and rub it several times as if massaging the entire face, and then hang it with clear water.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Nahun R.
skin feels actually clean

I am always hyper aware of the sebum on my face and the feeling of my face being sweaty/oily.
I can literally feel the dirt and sebum melt away while using this.
I was really hesitant at first bc of the tiktok hype but it really is that great.
I tend to use this as my first step and then follow up with a gel cleanser then face lotion to feel my best.

Pulls out sebum

This really works to pull out the sebum from your pores! I can see and and feel the little bits in my fingers as I'm massaging this stuff into my face, very satisfying! Make sure you use it with DRY face and hands, it didn't work well once it mixes with water. I think it has a nice herbal smell. Skin feels soft and pores are clearer when I'm done.

Farrah B.

I have very oily skin and I struggled with blackheads. Even using OXY pads nothing was really working. I saw that if you have oily skin then you should clean your skin with oil. Oil attracts Oil. This really works! I have never seen my skin look so good! I was expecting a breakout nightmare - Instead I have clean clear skin and more pores are less noticeable. What a difference! I will be buying this again and again.

Love it!

As an oily gal I love this during my double cleansing routine at night. It really makes my skin feel soft and clean without drying it out! Haven’t used it long enough to tell any difference otherwise.


as soon as i got it i tried it out and let me just start out by saying the only oil cleanser i’ve tried before this was the kose softymo oil cleanser which did nothing for me. but THIS ONE is AMAZING. i was a little skeptical about it removing your sebum, ITS TRUEE. insane tbh.