[Anua] Heartleaf Pore Control Cleansing Oil 200ml

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  • Cleansing oil that gently removes blackheads and sebum without clogging pores. Deep cleansing of blackheads and sebum. Use acne-prone skin relief. Contains soothing ingredients for the skin. Skin irritation test complete.
  • By mixing water and oil, it effectively removes makeup and finishes fresh through the process of melting sebum.
  • 5 Alpha Avocuta helps with sebum care.
  • Non-Comed Oil, which contains houttuynia cordata extract, which is effective in calming the skin, soothes sensitive and sensitive skin.

Apply an appropriate amount and rub it several times as if massaging the entire face, and then hang it with clear water.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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It's convenient to use and is my favorite item!!!

Docteur B.

Se laver le visage avec cette huile nettoyante procure une sensation rafraîchissante

Helio P.

je l'aime tellement qu'il a enlevé tellement de mes filaments sébacés dès la première utilisation ???? même après l'avoir lavé, mes pores ont été quelque peu ouverts, ce qui m'a permis d'extraire ce qui n'était pas retiré de mes pores. ça vaut vraiment le prix du lien, je l'aime tellement 😭😭

Li Z.

Entfernt Schmutz und Ablagerungen so sanft. Ich habe es gekauft, weil ich die Produkte von Anua liebe und gesehen habe, wie leicht sich damit wasserfestes Make-up entfernen lässt. Ich schminke mich nicht, aber ich habe den Hype verstanden. Die Talgdrüsen in meiner Nase wurden so schnell entfernt und die Mitesser unter meinem Kinn lösten sich praktisch auf. Kein Duft, einfach ein fantastisches Produkt.

Priya C.
AMAZING for clearing blackheads and reducing pore size

I got influenced to try this and I'm so glad I did!! It has a similar feel to oil-based cleansing oil, so you apply to your dry face and just rub rub rub it in. Use small circular motions, concentrating around your nose and between your eyebrows, and massage that oil in thoroughly. Do this for a good five minutes, almost until the oil feels totally absorbed into your skin. Then cleanse your face with regular or foaming cleanser and continue with the rest of your routine. You won't see immediate results, but after about a week of once a day use, I realized my pores look remarkably smaller, like any blackheads just got evicted! Much smoother appearance all across my skin, and I even think my moisturizer soaks in better now because it's not just sitting on the top of my skin and needing to get massaged in. I don't know what the science it behind this, but it works great and has a very light, pleasant smell. I normally hate any kind of smells in my product because I am very sensitive to scents and tend to avoid completely, but I actually like this very light and clean smell, almost like the faintest verbena/lemongrass.