[APRILSKIN] Carrotene IPMP™ Hydromelt Cleansing Balm 90ml

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  • Is Cleansing Balm still a no-go for oily, acne-prone skin? This non-comedogenic balm made with APRILSKIN's exclusive acne-fighting active ingredient, Carrotene IPMP™, not only cleanses makeup but also removes sebum and waste from pores and relieves acne. Proper cleansing is a must for good skin!
  • (Hydro) Melts The Day Away! The Carrotene Balm effortlessly removes tough waterproof makeup, foundation, sunscreen, and environmental stressors. Visibly reduce whiteheads and blackheads by massaging the product on areas that are prone to sebum clogging (e.g., the nose, chin, and cheek area).
  • Cleanse and erase traces of acne : Carrotene IPMP™ improves oil and sebum production. This helps improve blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, and inflammatory acne!
  • 2-in-1 cleansing solution : Makeup removal and blackhead care in one! This sorbet-like balm gently melts away sunscreen, thick foundation, and waterproof eye makeup without a fuss. It helps keep skin soft and smooth by removing whiteheads and blackheads that cause breakouts.
  • Carrot balm to milk : Made of 79% natural oils. When in contact with water, the formulation emulsifies without stinging the eyes or irritating the skin. It cleanses deep within the pores and does not leave skin feeling dry or coated after rinsing.
  • Travel-friendly : The formulation remains a sorbet-like solid until it meets the skin, and does not move or melt in the jar, so you can take it with you wherever you go ;). Put it in a pouch or carry-on bag to keep your skin clean wherever you go!

1.Use a spatula to scoop a dime sized amount onto dry face.
2. With dry hands, gently and thoroughly massage onto skin, especially the areas with makeup.
3. Apply a little water and massage the emulsified product sufficiently in a rolling motion.
4. Wash thoroughly with water.(There is no need to use a cloth or towel to wipe off the product. A gentle rinse with water is enough!)
(If you want to leave your face feeling squeaky clean, double cleanse with a cleansing foam.)

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Georges M.

Lors de son application, vous pouvez voir et sentir le sébum éliminé de vos pores. Ça marche vraiment! J'ai la peau grasse et j'ai besoin d'un nettoyant moussant pour le visage. Je l'utilise donc comme première étape de ma routine de double nettoyage.

Wie Magie auf meiner Haut, mein teurer neuer Favorit

I didn't know what a hydromelt was. Bought it because I saw a few ads on social media.
It does so many things, loosens white heads, declogs pores, hydrates, makes my skin supple, makes my skin glow, among other things of which I'm not sure I have proof.
Bought a second one and now I'm looking into other AprilSkin products.
Also, it smells great! I'd use it as a subtle perfume if I could.

Got rid of the sebaceous filaments I have been fighting my life against.

I have always had huge pores and sebaceous filaments and I’ve been terrible about not squeezing them. I guess it’s just genetic. However, I saw reviews from influencers saying this helped and that it was popular in other countries. Also reviews here said that they’re right it gets them out and helps my skin look clear and amazing. It’s amazing though, since other balms have not had this effect for me. I would recommend if you struggle with this.

Tsai L.W.
Very good makeup remover

I've been using this for about 4 months now, it's really working out for my skin, I have normal to dry skin, sometimes sensitive during winter and with occasional breakouts. This creamy balm cleanser helps my acne scars fade away faster, and also keep my skin clean and smooth, I'm really surprised for the price like this I get so many benefits from it. I will repurchase it again when I'm our. But this is jar is quite generous, it should last me for a long time.


I've been using this for a little over a month now and I really enjoy it! I was nervous to use something oil base and that it would not take off makeup, but I've used it with heavy makeup as well as light makeup and it takes everything off. I have noticed my skin feels more hydrated and brighter.