[BANILA CO] Smudging Lip Pencil (4 Colors) 0.8g

$19.90 $32.00


  • With a coloration and smudging effect optimized for overlined lips, the product gives the desired look.

  • It is a shade subdivided into 4 tones so that you can easily create a beautifully overlined lip on any kind of lip.

  • It is a multi-purpose pencil that looks beautiful even when applied alone like lipstick and can be used in a variety of ways, from lip base to lip liner, lip corners, shading, and cheeks.

  • It fixes in without highlighting dryness or flakiness. It creates smudged and blurred lips.

CR01 Coral Choux : Saturated bright spring soft coral
PK02 Pink Choux : Soft pink for innocent and bright cool toned lips
BE01 Nude Oat : Beige shade that works well for shading the lips, lip corners, and lip curves for both warm and cool tones
BE02 Nude Beige : Perfect nude that goes well with any base or warm tone lips


    [HOW TO USE]

    After carefully drawing a line along the lip, gently fill in from the inside of the lip.

    Each person may have different effects.
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