[BBIA] Last Auto Gel Eyeliner Slim (5 Colors) 0.1g

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Ultra-Thin 2mm Slim Touch : An ultra-thin gel eyeliner that draws a slim line along your waterline or underline.
Zero Friction, Sliding Texture : A smoothly sliding gel texture glides along without causing irritation and makes a vivid line with a single touch.
Powerful Multi-Proof : The upgraded multi fixing technology ensures a smudge-proof application, keeping it place against water and sebum.

  • S1 Noir S: is a silky black to accentuate the eye shape.
  • S2 Jass S: is a deep brown with fine pearls for a sophisticated look.
  • S3 Rose Brown S: is a rose-based choco brown for an unique look.
  • S4 Chocolat Bonbon S: is a milk brown color for a warm and soft look.
  • S5 Soul Brown S: is a brown color for a mesmerizing eye look.

Roll up the formula little by little and draw a line as if you fill in the sparse spots along the lash line. Make sure to close the lid after use to keep the formula from drying out.

Each person may have different effects.
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gel eyeliner

I tried and it glides really smoothly. bought it after watching a YouTube tutorial..I really like it so far .
and the color is nice too ..