[Biodance] Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask 34g*4EA

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  • Benefits : Experience all the benefits of a hydrogel mask sheet with Biodance Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask. Made of highly concentrated serum, this total skin care mask prevents dehydration while improving skin elasticity and glowing.
  • Skin Concerns : Formulated with non-toxic & non-irritant ingredients, the Bio-Collagen Real Deep Mask is completely safe for sensitive skin to dry skin, even acne prone skin.
  • Brand Story : Biodance's core value: a balance of ingredients in every product for a long-lasting results beyond temporary effect. All Biodance products are formulated with EWG Green Grade ingredients and meet the Korean FDA standards.
  • Hypoallergenic testing is completed, free of allergic reaction causing ingredients and free of 19 harsh controversial ingredients.

01. Put the mask pack on your skin and stick it on for 3-5 hours.
02. Remove the mask pack when it becomes transparent.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Aurora G.

La he usado dos veces ya y deja la piel SÚPER hidratada, suave y firme. La usé por 4 horas y también para dormir, no se mueve una vez la pones en el rostro.
La marca recomienda usarla para dormir, así se absorbe completamente y es más cómodo porque es difícil abrir la boca con la mascarilla puesta para hablar o comer. Yo la prefiero para dormir, pero cada quien a lo suyo.

Santina F.

Absolutely love the end result! Make sure you put a good amount of serum on your face before putting this on. The only thing is this is uncomfortable to sleep in. You have to lay on your back the whole time & cannot move onto your side. I’ve been doing this once a week since I got it for that reason. You do wake up with glowy skin though!

Melanie T.

Super hydrating and can definitely see difference in texture of my skin. Self care is the best care! I use this mask once a week to keep skin in top shape.

Young J.J.

Yalll this face mask is really good like I put it on when I was about to go to sleep then when I woke up my face was sooo soft and shiny YALL THE SHINE LITERALLY LASTED 15+ HOURS EVEN WHEN I TOOK A SHOWER it don’t make your face oily or nothing like that makes it like you put cream on your face literally the best face mask I have tried 10000/10000👌🏼👌🏼🔥🔥🔥


I was skeptical about these but the hype is real! I woke up after sleeping with one on and was pleasantly shocked at the results! My skin felt so good (not tight or dry) and looked so plump and dewy! I also have rosacea which can be irritated by certain products but I didn't notice any irritation with these. I 100% recommend them!