[BLITHE] Vital Treatment 6 Calming Leaves 150ml

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  • BLITHE's Vital Treatment 6 Calming Leaves is a water essence for face that can be used in your daily skincare routine as both a night and day essence/toner.
  • The 6 Calming Leaves Essence is a nature-inspired skincare product that contains no artificial fragrances and was developed for people with sensitive and mature skin.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MOISTURIZER FOR FACE: Blithe Vital Treatment Line offers instant hydration & vitalization of the skin. It's formulated with fermented raw natural ingredients that boost the skin's natural strength

After washing your face, use the treatment during the first step of skincare or use it from time to time.
  • #Patting with your palms : Hydrate every day with moisture layering

  • #Wipe-off toner : Smooth out the skin texture using a cotton pad

  • #Mini facial mask : Concentrate on concern areas to calm skin

Each person may have different effects.
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