[Cell Fusion C] Pore Tox Pad 150g 60EA

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[DESCRIPTION] cellfusionc
  • Daily Pore Reducing Pads for Sensitive and Dehydrated Oily Skin
  • Contains a patented pore care ingredient to immediately reduce enlarged pores with accumulated sebum.
  • The moist weak acid moisturizing essence forms a fresh moisturizing layer without the skin feeling tight.
  • Tested for immediate pore reduction, suitability for sensitive skin, immediate pH improvement, and skin irritation

After washing your face, gently wipe your entire face, including pore concerns, in the direction of your skin texture with embossed cotton in the first step of skincare (*Excluding eye area).
Wipe the other soft side once more to cleanse the skin.
Apply the remaining toner on your skin and let absorb. Close the lid after use.

Each person may have different effects.
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