[CHICA Y CHICO] Nude Fantasy Whitening Cream (2 Types) 55ml

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To achieve fair, even-toned skin, this lightweight cream uses a unique white flower-based complex made with 8 different kinds of flowers plus niacinamide, rice extracts and titanium dioxide to moisturize, transform and give skin a radiant glow.

Apply after toner.
Use a small amount and dab on face. Pat the cream until fully absorbed.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Amy G.
not for me but for me

I bought this knowing it would be useless for me during the day because my skin tone is too dark for this until I really blend it in to my skin; however, I bought it for the ingredients and use it as a night cream. when I wake up in the morning, my skin looks so healthy and feel so soft, and you only have to use a very small amount. if you’re black and you’re not worried about looking grey when you go to bed, I would definitely recommend this product. the whitening effect is temporary so you don’t have to worry about ruining your beautiful dark/tan skin tone

Genevieve e.
Magical Cream

This is my magical cream since I have a very bad skin

Life less,and tired looking skin but this cream give my skin instantly glow,And also i like the smell very mild,this is my favourite cream ever I want to buy more..

Nancy M.
Very Good and effective!

I’ve been using this whitening cream almost everyday day and night and I noticed how my acne scars started to fade! This whitening cream really does its job! 😄

Shehani S.A.
skin gets brighter and brighter

this amazing product makes my skin brighter and brighter.. lovely and comfortable wearing!


THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE BRIGHTENING CREAM!!! i have tried different whitening skin highlighters. the coverage lasts ALL DAY!!! i have purchased many jars to stock up. this is perfect for sensitive skin and is compatible with melasma and rosacia. the scent is very light. this cream leaves a matte finish and is not sticky. leaves a beautiful, even-skin toned, neutral, snowy glow. the white concealing pigment in this delicate cream is not too sheer and a preferably desirable benefit than foundation or bb creams. i get many compliments on how pretty my complexion is. i don't think the function of this cream is to lighten your skin over time. however it's function is to mainly give a radiant under and over tone for flawless coverage. for me, this brings out the brilliance of an ideal perfect, milky, fair, healthy skin. i wear this cream knowing that i'm enhancing my pure, beautiful skin instead of coating my face with expensive, heavy, oily, contouring foundations... i am a confident, loyal customer. THANK YOU, YESSTYLE for supporting this trusted, inexpensive, highly sought after product... <3 <3 <3