[CLIO] Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion with Refill 15g*2EA

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  • In line with the ever-changing cushion trend, the coverage power of the kill cover is maintained. Thinner and more delicate, you can feel the thin feeling of your skin. Long-lasting coverage without worrying about darkening or crumbling. 72 hours of ultra-slim matte kill cover The New Founwear Cushion, feel the new thin kill cover with just one touch.
  • Stop the prejudice that the cover is thick, and it is a new kill cover that does not feel heavy because it is thin and lightly adhered. It provides a lightweight cover without feeling stuffy and fills in the gaps between the curves of the skin to express smoother and thinner skin. Kill Cover's unique delicate cover creates smooth, retouched skin that survives close-ups without an application.
  • It makes the skin look more beautiful with its excellent cover and covers most skin problems at once giving a delicate skin expression. It covers all skin problems with pores/irregularities and redness. It has long lasing power that does not require correction for 72 hours and prevents the mask from smudging.
  • It is an innovative design container that has not been seen in existing cushions and a square-shaped grip that fits perfectly in one hand. The customized curve-shape puff provides easy and meticulous coverage of narrow and delicate areas such as the sides of the eyes and nose.
  • Among the kill cover cushions, it is the best cushion for daily use and can be used satisfactorily unless it is extremely dry or extremely oily.

After taking an appropriate amount, apply a thin layer on the face and pat lightly.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

too light for me. it’s much lighter than what’s showing in the pics. seems to get a little better if you let it sit for like 30 mins. but still, wish it was darker.

Sabrina C.

Amazing quality! It doesn’t feel heavy on the face! Medium coverage

Cinthia M.
Buena cushion

Acabado natural, 2min max y ya estas lista

Rut A.
Best foundation I’ve tried

Great coverage, easy to apply and can be built upon to adjust the tone of the color.

Angie B.

Very very nice color and natural