[CLIO] Superproof Brush Liner (2 Colors) 0.55ml

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  • Long lasting, smudge free, neat application! Vivid without worries of smudging even after drawing lines thanks to the special Film Former!
  • Thin! Detailed! Detailed and neat lines with the thin and elastic microfiber brush
  • Continuous and smooth application in one go! Sliding drawing in one go, all the way to the end upon application with the ink tank-type liner!

#01 KILL BLACK : Deep and defining black
#02 KILL BROWN : Defining and deep brown

Before use, turn the tip of the brush downward and shake 2-3 times. After use, close it with a click sound.
For storage, keep the tip of brush facing downwards for longer use.
If the color looks weak or does not draw on well, lightly wipe off foundation or shadow residue from the brush with a wet tissue.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Great liner!

The pen tip is very thin, helps to draw fine line and can add to smudge if needed. 6hrs test smudge free. Will buy again. Wish they had few addl shades in black as well brown!

pretty brown shade

this brown shade is such a pretty color! i can cut someone w how sharp my eyeliner is 🤭 i’m picky when it comes to eyeliners bc sometimes they’re just wack , but this one is actually good. makes my eyes look so pretty too!

good quality

good quality

The best liquid eyeliner by far

I have been using stila liquid eyeliner and it didn’t work at all after using it like twice. This is the best formula ever by far. I immediately threw away the stila liquid eyeliner.

Julie D.
Love this eyeliner!!!!

I originally bought it in Seoul South Korea at an Olive Young. So happy to see that it was available to purchase here as it is one of the few that doesn’t bleed onto my crease. It’s the perfect shade and lasts a long time.