[COSNORI] Eyelash Tinting Serum 01 Deep Black 9g

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  • Clear eyelashes as if mascara was applied! Adding Black to Nutrition, Eyelash Tinting Serum
  • Add natural color to create clearer eyes: 100% natural color is tinted on the eyelashes to provide rich nutrition care and immediate clarity and elasticity.
  • Moist and highly concentrated black gel essence : The black gel essence, which contains various active ingredients in a dense matrix structure, permeates into the eyelashes to provide nutrition and protection for a long time.
  • Quick drying & curl fixing like mascara : By applying a natural long-lasting polymer, it is quickly fixed to the eyelashes to help maintain elasticity and curling for a long time. Easy cleansing with lukewarm water without remover. Eyelash stimulation NO! Easy Washable
  • Prescription tailored to the pH of healthy tears: Provides comfortable eyelash care in accordance with the pH 7 (± 1.0) balance similar to that of healthy tears, so that it does not sting even if it gets into the eyes.

01 Sweep from the inside of the eyelashes to the outside and comb them in a zigzag pattern.
02 If you want more defined eyes, apply 2~3 times.
03 When curling is desired, dry it completely and apply curl using a curler.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jessica f.

Light weight and so easy on the eye! Really ive hand a problem with itchiness and heaviness from other products but this is amazing! Plus the eyelash comb really leaves the lashes separate and beautifully combed

Carla J.

It is not a thick color like mascara, but has a translucent feel. It nourishes eyelashes and is great for bare face makeup. It takes a while to apply and dry, but once it dries completely, it doesn't last too long.

Liberty S.

This was just what I was looking for!
The formula is a sheer black, and leans more “wet” than most regular mascaras. So it’s really easy to apply, I bet this would be great for any makeup newbies. It’s also relatively easy to remove.

monika h.

No messy feeling like clumping or smearing. It dries quickly! There was no fading after that.

Ruby W.

The more I applied it, the thicker my eyelashes looked, and it was nice that they got longer little by little.