[COSRX] Acne Pimple Master Patch 24patches*5EA

$17.90 $44.00

  • 24patches (9 Large Dots, 5 Medium Dots, 10 Small Dots)*5EA
  • Quick acne healing overnight : Hydrocolloid patches that protect wounded or troubled area from getting worse while maintaining humidity of skin to prevent further breakouts.
  • The Original Pimple Patch : This 1st generation patch is loved by many over the years, due to its effectiveness. Highly raved in the media as well - a testimonial to its effectiveness.
  • Quick & Easy Treatment : This A.D.F dressing hydrocolloid patch protects the concerned area effectively and creates a moist environment, which makes the healing process faster. Don’t squeeze or POP your pimples anymore! This patch will do it for you, without the PAIN!
  • 24 Patches in Three Sizes : The patch is designed in three different sizes to cover multiple pimples all at once. Every pack contains a total of 24 patches in sizes S (10 dots), M (5 dots), and L (9 dots).

Cleanse the area around the problem spot. Select a bigger size patch than the problem spot and attach the patch to the spot.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Muy bueno

De verdad ayuda a desinflamar los granitos, los ocupo en la noche y a la mañana siguiente ya esta desinflamado

Florian E.
OG Pimple Patch!

Tried and true pimple patch. Still my favorite after many years


Came on time. No complaints. Have used it for years! It's a staple and something I must stock up on.

The best

This patches are the bets. When a pimple its coming i wash my face, apply all my skincare and then i out it on a patch.
The next day its complety dissapear.