[CURLYSHYLL] Silky Oil Serum 70ml

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  • A perfume essence that coats and refines split ends with a blend of 10 natural oils.

  • NATURALLY DERIVED OIL : A blend of 10 types of naturally derived oils, including camellia seed oil, argan kernel oil, and babassu oil, deeply nourishes the hair and adds shine to damaged hair.

  • TEXTURE : Absorbs refreshingly without stickiness, providing intensive care to damaged hair.

  • VEGAN : NO animal ingredients, NOT tested on animal. France EVE VEGAN certification completed. FREE from Paraben, alcohol, artificial colorant

  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Those with damaged hair due to frequent dyeing and perming, Those whose hair ends are damaged and split and breakage, Those who want glowing care without stickiness, Those looking for a perfume hair serum that maintains a subtle scent

Depending on the degree of hair damage, pump approximately 1 to 3 times and apply evenly throughout the hair, focusing on the ends.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Patrycja N.

CURLYSHYLL Silky Oil Serum is very easy to use and effective

Happy S.

I really like this product. It def has a bit of a fragrance but it smells clean. I definitely notice a difference in my hair after putting this in when it's damp. The hair dries very silky and frizz is reduced and it's a lil moisturized.

Dr. S.
Silky hair oil serum

This is some good stuff! It works like Moroccan Argan oil but is less greasy and smells better. I used it on the ends of my hair and to smooth away frizz in my daughters curls. I love the added shine - and it didn't make our hair look greasy and dirty like other oils have been known to do to us. It truly does feel like I'd imagine liquid silk to feel.


I’m a regular hair oil user...I’ve been using hair oil daily for years. It’s the only way I can make my hair soft and manageable. I have waist long thick wavy hair. This CURLYSHYLL Silky Oil Serum is divine. It smells great and performs perfect in my hair. A little goes a long way, but you also don’t have to worry about accidentally going overboard and ending up with an oil slick on your head. This hair oil is very user friendly. I apply this oil to my damp hair and blow dry and style as usual. This oil gives my hair a silky soft feel that I can’t get enough of. I find myself touching my hair all throughout the day. My hair looks moisturized, shiny, and frizz-free all day. This product is pretty darn good and I would say fairly priced for the quality that you are receiving. I highly recommend and will for sure be purchasing more of this hair oil in the future.

Excelente producto, lo recomiendo

A hidratado mi cabello lo a mejorado y en gran manera