[dasique] Blending Mood Cheek #01 Warm Blending 10.4g

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The Dasique Warm Tea Blending Collection can gently blend with your own color.
It is a peach-blending cheek palette with a clear brew of basic colors for warm tones.
You can use one color on its own or mix two colors to create a colorful look that is a perfect color match.
It has a silky formula that blends evenly without borders and blends with the skin’s innate colors.
It adheres lightly to the skin and creates a clear color without stickiness even when applied several times.

  • Apricot Peach is a clear apricot that adds healthy, glowing vitality.
  • Cream Rose is a soft coral with the softness of white milk.
  • Coral Puff is a warm and lively salmon that illuminates warm-toned skin.
  • Mood Beige is a nude beige that creates a sweet look.

Take a suitable amount with a brush or a finger to apply it evenly.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Begum D.
Perfect colors

It’s my everyday palette! Pigmentation is very nice.