[dasique] Melting Candy Balm (14 Colors) 1.5g

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  • It's a glow stick that melts sweetly into your lips and creates a clear gloss.
  • It contains five colors inspired by clear and transparent candy.
  • It melts gently into skin temperature, giving you a clear, transparent candy luster with a melting-fit texture.
  • The more you layer it, the more it gives you a lip gloss that fills up.

Take an appropriate amount and apply it naturally along the lip line from the inside to the outside.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Eileen S.

This is a nice glossy balm. It's not over the top glossy, but it has a nice shine.
I love the color. And it feels nice and moisturizing on the lips.

M S.
#3 Rose Milk Tea

To use this, you click it until just a little bit of the product is exposed and then apply it directly to your lips. It doesn't retract back into the tube, so you have to be careful not to push up too much.
The color is a sheer, neutral nude pink, good for everyday use. The most interesting thing is the finish and consistency. It isn't slippery or oily and it doesn't move around much after applying but it also doesn't feel heavy at all on the lips. It also doesn't feel sticky. I've never had a lip product with this consistency before and it is really comfortable to wear.

Amy W.

This lip balm is easy to apply. You just click the bottom to get a little to extend out of the container. Only extend out what you need since it will not retract. You can put on multiple layers to get a darker color.


It’s a tinted balm, not super hydrating on its own but pretty and isn’t sticky. Came as described.