[dasique] Pro Concealer Palette 01 Cover 9g

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  • Pro Concealer Palette : Color correcting and covering in one palette. A custom palette that corrects all skin imperfections with 9-cover shades for various skin tones
  • Work together to camouflage imperfections : Coverage for highly pigmented spots. Cancel out the colors as following for redness, sallowness and dark circles
  • Customize your color to fit your skin tone : Mix the necessary colors according to the area of concern to cover, customize fit to your skin tone
  • Vegan, Not tested on animals.

Take an appropriate amount of the content with a brush or hand and spread it naturally.

*The product may seep oil depending on the storage conditions, but it is still safe to use as this does not indicate a faulty product
**Avoid storing in high or low temperatures, and the recommended storage is 10 ~ 30 °C.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Laly m.

All blemishes are coveredI recommend it

Katie A.

It's really, really good for covering dark circles or red scars around the eyes, but it's difficult to cover blemishes, so I only use two salmon & colored purples.

Christine K.

It hides scars and small blemishes well, but it's a pity that it applies a little stiffly to large areas like dark circles.


I like the variety of colors
Personally, the coverage was higher when I used it with a brush rather than a puff!


I love how it includes so many colours and shades even a tanner colour especially as I’ve seen with Korean brands having a couple of shades that are still very light for most people, great coverage and the texture is very smooth