[dasique] Starlit Jewel Liquid Glitter (8 Colors) 1.8g

$14.50 $40.00

  • A brilliant combination of long-wearing superfine pearls and chunks of glitter in a translucent base that shines and sparkles as the lucid reflection light of a jewelry.
  • Jewel Liquid Glitter presents 8 brilliant jewels for a subtle shine or an intense sparkle look, wear radiancy on your eyes.
  • With a water base of more than 60%, it adheres and fixes transparently to maintain sparkling eyes for a long time without powder scattering.
  • It is a soft and fine silicone type brush that allows you to adjust the delicate glitter on the eyelids and under the eyes.
  • You can complete various glitter makeup by using it not only on the eyes, but also on the part where you want to give a sparkle, such as the tip of the nose, collarbone, and highlighter.

Base, eye center point : Apply thinly to the entire eye hole or the center of the eye to create a sparkling eye look.
Points under the eyes : Dab lightly on the area under the eyes where you want to give points to create a sparkling makeup look.
*Cleansing tip : Use an eye remover and wipe carefully so that glitter particles do not get into your eyes.

Each person may have different effects.
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