[DEWYTREE] AC Control EX Deep Mask Sheet 27g*10EA

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  • EMBRACE DEEP MOISTURIZATION : Dewytree Ac ctrl ex deep mask from Dewytee Deep Mask Line contains deep effect ingredients to strengthen the skin moisture. The ampoule of peppermint and microfiber adhesive sheet containing Papin enzyme provides profound effects and exfoliation care to the skin.
  • SAY NO TO DRYNESS AND DULLNESS : The deep mask contains deep effect ingredients like Ceramide NP, Saccharide Isomerate, and 5 layers of hyaluronic acid to strengthen and retain the skin's moisture. This calming face mask sheet with peppermint oil helps in skin soothing & creates a moisture barrier.
  • FOR STRENGTHENED AND TIGHTENED SKIN : The presence of Saccharide Isomerate in this face care offers your facial skin added protection against external influences like dust and pollution. The Mastic gum and Polyglutamic acid in our face mask help in maintaining skin's moisture purification and tightened skin.
  • MICROFIBER SHEET : This face mask sheet is as thin as 1/340 of the thickness of hair and, the large size of this microfiber green sheet adheres to the skin perfectly and covers every curve of your face. This facial sheet mask can be added to anyone's skincare routine, despite skin type.
  • EASY TO USE : Dewytree hyaluronic mask is very straightforward to use. First, cleanse your face with a moisturizing face cleanser. Pull out a Dewytree aqua deep facemask sheet with tweezers and spread it gently and evenly on your face. Pull out the mask after 10-20 minutes so your face can absorb the nourishing ingredients and essence.

1. After cleansing, prep the skin with toner.
2. Smooth the sheet mask on the face, around the eyes.
3. Wait for 10-20 minutes, then remove the sheet mask.
4. Pat the remaining essence into skin.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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very good

haven't try yet, hope it is good

Maede A.

I’ve tried many masks before and this is by far my favorite! As someone who struggles with acne, after using this mask my acne calms down and the redness goes away. It’s also extremely refreshing, which I love about face masks!!

Roza T.V.

bought these because of euniunni's recommendation (tried the blue ones first) and love these as well! the sheet is so thin and soft, and the essence is like a gel essence that doesn't leave a thick or sticky feeling on the skin after using it, it just leaves the skin soft and bouncy. these masks have a pepperminty feel to the skin (so be careful around the eyes!) that help cool the skin and help with breakouts too.


It makes my skin feel like I had lotion put on it. It is definitely hydrating. My skin feels so soft afterwards. I like the ease of using this and that I can take it on the go. I took a few with me on a trip recently and it was nice to be able to get them through TSA without any issues.


These are some really good face mask. They were really cold when I tried to apply to my skin, so I had to let them warm up a bit. They have a lot of product on them and they make your face feel great.