[Dr.Ceuracle] Hyal Reyouth Night Cream 60g

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[DESCRIPTION] dr ceuracle
  • Based on the "Phase Inverted Hydrating Network" technology, oil changes into water for refreshing finish. The whipping cream texture can be applied like an overnight face mask. The enriched nutrition texture is quickly penetrated into the skin for long lasting hydration, providing perfect filling and protection of dehydrated areas in skin.
  • Hydrating Care : Formulated with 6-Hyaluronic Complex for deep, long lasting moisturizing for dehydrated skin suffering from dry, puffy, and rough skin.
  • Firming Care : Formulated with the well-known ingredients for lifting, 6-Hyaluronic Complex, Panthenol, and Fructan, helps firm skin.
  • Boosting Care : The hydrating, dense formula boosts moisture and restores dehydrated skin while you sleep.

Apply an appropriate amount over the face at night.

Each person may have different effects.
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