[Dr.Ceuracle] Pure VC Mellight Boosting Essence 145ml

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[DESCRIPTION] Dr. Ceuracle Dr Ceuracle

  • A convenient at-home booster used before applying ampoule. No need to wipe off, let the skin absorb!
  • Vitamin C has an acidic pH and cannot be effectively absorbed by skin that has become alkaline after cleansing. The bubble essence with pH 5.2 formula creates an ideal pH level to capture vitamin C stably inside the bubble and help skin absorb more vitamin C.
  • TEXTURE : Bubble essence that gently melts upon touching the skin instantly. Essence is released in the form of densely-structured and fine bubbles. The bubble particles melt into the skin to boost bounciness and radiance.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR : Those who want to have bright, glowing skin every day. Those who want to enjoy bouncy and smooth skin. Those who want to use an effective vitamin C solution before applying Pure VC Mellight Ampoule. Those who expect excellent skin adherence and radiance from skin makeup.
  • Pure Vitamin C powder : Improves the signs of aging, such as wrinkles or lines and boosts skin radiance.
  • Idebenone : Prevents moisture loss and rejuvenates skin condition by brightening skin tone.


1. Before using Ampoule, dispense the formula 1-2 times onto a palm.
2. Gently massage the entire face along the skin texture, then lightly pat to promote skin absorption.
*For severely sensitive skin, it is advised to avoid using the product where the skin is thin.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Eniko B.

No need to wipe or rinse, simply rub lightly and let it absorb.
In the morning and during the day, it is good to use as a moisture radiance primer before base makeup, so I use it every day.

So unique

This looks divine, gorgeous foamy texture 😍


The texture 😲 oh god...I love it 🥰


Love it!!😍😍 my skin is glowing like ever