[Dr.Ceuracle] Vegan Kombucha Tea Creamy Wash Bar 100g

$9.99 $40.00

  • A low pH vegan wash bar formulated with Kombucha Extract, delivering hydration with creamy lather! This all-in-one wash bar for face/hair/body cleanses impurities with hydrating finish.
  • The silky, creamy lather keeps skin moisture barrier without dryness and the compact hydrating ingredients leave skin moisturized after wash.
  • Creamy texture like silk. Milky bubbles and soft rubbing with high viscosity
  • NO artificial hardener! Any artificial hardener agents are not included. There might be cracking on the product as packaging is minimized to reduce waste.
  • Recommended for : For hydrated skin after wash, For balancing skin condition, For all-in-one cleansing, hair, face and body

Without any sponges and loofahs, just rub and lather with water for moisturizing cleansing.
For more lather, use sponge and loofahs!

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I like the way this soap bar felt on my skin. It lathered up nicely and was silky smooth, leaving me feeling clean and fresh.


Interesting cleansing bar - it was both creamy with a rich lather
Good sized bar, didn't dissolve too quickly.
I used this bar with shower gloves, both worked well.
Scent was fine
Worth trying if it fits in your budget!

Lovely experience 💖

As a dry/sensitive skin person, I would highly recommend this bar! So gently, very creamy & just all around a delightful washing experience. Definitely unlike any ice ever tried.

Giulia C.

Non ho mai visto la densa schiuma dal wash bar. Mi sono innamorato del traguardo idratato dopo risciacquare. Mi piace questo splendido tutto in una barra di lavaggio perché posso usarlo dalla testa ai piedi. Anche zero rifiuti !! Un buon prodotto per l'ambiente è un buon prodotto per il corpo !!!!

Jelena F.

È buono perché è un prodotto che può essere usato dalla testa ai piedi!
Soprattutto, sono soddisfatto che possa essere usato come sapone detergente!
È difficile lavare il viso con altri saponi ordinari a causa della sensazione rigida e disidratata all'interno.