[Dr.G] Dermoisture Barrier.D Intense Cream 100ml

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  • This product is a professional Vitamin D moisturizing cream certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety as a functional cosmetic that helps relieve itching.
  • This is a moisturizing cream suitable for those with itchy skin, dry psoriasis, allergies, and reduced immunity. This product is a mildly acidic and hypoallergenic moisturizing cream, so even those with sensitive skin can use it comfortably.
  • This product is a Vitamin D moisturizing product developed to help make stressed skin due to various influences healthy and soft.
  • This product is recommended for those with sensitive skin, dry and exfoliating skin, poor skin condition, poor sleep, and poor skin complexion, and those who are worried about repeated skin problems.
  • It is a reliable product that has improved skin barriers stressed by external stimuli and has completed skin irritation tests/sensitive panel tests.

Evenly apply an adequate amount, lightly patting for better absorption.
* This product is suitable for dry and sensitive skin on both the face and body. Use whenever skin feels dry.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Soraya S.

I think this is my fifth time buying this - on and offline. It's been a savior to my skin. 100% recommend

Monika H.

I have bought this 3 times - can't stop repurchasing! Very moisturising, no fragrance and not irritating. Perfect as a night cream or under makeup.

Laurent K.

Dr. G doesn't disappoint! It's a wonderful cream. It's thick but not heavy. It has some oils in it but it's not greasy at all. And it absorbs into skin rather than sitting on top of it. It doesn't have any fragrance or essential oils.