[Dr.Jart+] Ceramidin Skin Barrier Moisturizing Mask 22g*5EA

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  • NEW, more powerful and new Ceramidin Skin Barrier Moisturizing Mask!
  • A solid barrier that doesn't dry out! : Feel your skin barrier densely filled with twice as much ceramide NP and panthenol.
  • Finishing for glowing skin : Finish your skin moisturized with a highly moisturizing sheet and feel a solid skin barrier.
  • After using it for 20 minutes, experience a firm skin barrier yourself! : 127% improvement in skin moisturization / 32% firmness and strengthening of skin barrier / Lasts 8 hours of barrier strengthening effect (*Effects may vary depending on individual skin type.)

1. Apply after cleansing and toning skin.
2. Open the package and carefully apply mask to the face avoiding the eye area.
3. Remove the mask after 15 to 20 minutes.
4. Massage remaining formula into skin.
5. Follow with a moisturizer for dry flaky skin.

Tip! Use 2-3 times a week or as needed.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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I slept on Dr Jart’s products!!! I love how moisturizing this mask was. My skin was super dewy and glowy after using it. Perfect for the dry winter months. Highly recommend

If I could marry only one product, IT’S THIS

I have been using this mask for several years now and cannot say enough good things about it. It makes your skin plump, hydrated and feeling refreshed. I’ve tried other Dr. Jart masks and continue coming back to this one. Do yourself a favour and purchase this, you will not regret it!