[Dr.PEPTI] Centella Dark Spot Solution Ampoule 30ml

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[DESCRIPTION] dr pepti
Centella asiatica extract 50.568%, Peptide, Moist 24 is capable of providing active ingredients to hydrate, elastic and moisturize without worrying about irritation.

  • The product has good absorbency and has a pleasant scent, does not cause sticky or squash, is a perfect product for a hot day like today.
  • Mela Control Complex whitening ingredient in the essence helps to fade dark spots, leaving skin naturally pinkish white.
  • Softens skin, strengthens skin resistance, creates a protective film against negative effects from outside.
  • Reduce inflammation, reduce acne, regenerate skin. - Moisturizes and increases skin elasticity.
  • Improve dark spots on the skin, soothe acne-related wounds. 


After using the toner, take 1 amount of essence just enough to apply to the skin and massage gently.

Each person may have different effects.
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Maria R.O.
Dr. Pepti products

The dark spot solution was great . It lightened the dark spot in my face .