[Farmstay] Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid All-In-One Ampoule 250ml

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Contains marine collagen from the clean ocean and hyaluronic acid, giving elasticity and hydration and preventing dryness of the skin, helping to retain moisturized skin.
This large-sized ampoule contains vitamin scrub which soothes and clears the skin.

01 Highly concentrated intensive care
Revitalize the fatigued skin with a highly concentrated, large-sized ampoule for dry skin

02 The power of firm skin! Marine Collagen
Contains the natural ingredients of marine collagen, which replenishes the skin with energy and helps to reduce wrinkles by energizing from the inside of the skin.

03 All-in-one ampoule
Skin + Lotion + Essence at once! Even with a small amount, it forms a dense moisturizing layer, keeping the skin moisturized all day.

Apply gently according to skin texture. After spreading, gently press it to cover the face for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Letícia B.

Oh, where to start?! This product is amazing! It absorbs super fast, and leaves the skin very soft. The jar is definitely not the ideal container for it, but the product is fantastic.

The best serum!

One of my favorite serums! It deeply moisturizes and makes my skin supple.

Devon R.
Lovely serum

Lovely gel serum! I was drawn in by the curious packaging and product and I’m impressed. It’s dense and gel like, very hydrating and amazing for combination skin

good product not regret purchasing at all. love it

This product very good on my skin, my face become very glowing and very hydrated and elastic, i will definitely! my face super glowing and so smooth. Thanks


Another regular in my skincare routine. This is a very effective product. if you want a fresh face in the morning with little to no effort, Calms the skin. It’s a gentle product and you can use it on other dry areas on the body as well, I find it’s very good for my dry body.