[Farmstay] 24K Gold & Peptide Solution Prime Ampoule 250ml

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Intensive care in troubled areas
Ampoule with 24K gold and skin-friendly peptide, which is great for cleansing and removing impurities from the skin, leaves your skin firm and strong.

01 Highly concentrated intensive care
Highly concentrated nutrients are quickly absorbed to provide a clear, wrinkle-less complexion. Even with a small amount, it forms a dense moisturizing layer, keeping the skin moisturized all day.

02 Fast and non-sticky absorption
A liquid ampoule allows you to cover for a wide area with a small portion. With a light tapping motion of your fingers, the product is absorbed into the skin immediately without stickiness and will help your skin full of vitality.

03 Use generously with this family size!
You know ampoules are good for the skin. But are you sparing it too much? 250ml of generous size for the face to the body- don’t spare any! Don’t spare to provide full nutrition to your skin!

Take the appropriate amount off at the end of the basic care. Apply gently according to skin texture. After spreading, gently press it to cover the face for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Great on the skin and smells good!

alena d.

Пришла моя сыворотка долгожданная! В подарок положили крема!!!Спасибо за это огромное!Упакованные хорошо! 😊😊😊

vadim i.

Корейской косметикой пользуюсь давно. Сывороткой с каллогеном уже пользовалась, она просто замечательная. Попробую ещё с гранатом. Упаковано было хорошо, дошло все без повреждений. Спасибо большое!