[FATION] Nosca9 Trouble Cream 45ml

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  • A cream that ends the worries of potential troubles in the collapsed skin barrier.
  • A texture that troubled skin likes : A feeling of first application that melts into the skin softly and moistly like a serum. Easily absorbed into the skin for a refreshing finish without stickiness.
  • From the whole face to spot care at once.
  • For dry areas, layering 2-3 times is better.

At the cream stage, spread evenly over the skin and pat lightly for absorption.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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really good

This is actually my second time purchasing this set! It works really well with acne prone skin. I let my sister use it too on a pimple and overnight the pimple reduced in size. Really recommend you to try it out. I found the cream works the best compared to the serum.

Darta E.

This is my second time purchasing this product. So happy with Fation in general. This product especially is good at preventing acne breakout. Since I used this product, I experienced less and less of acne and on top of that, my skin felt so good.

Octavio M.
I love

DAMN I love this please I need more. I gotta say though I found the serum (sample size) was a bit more effective with calming the acne. It doesn't soothe the acne right away, but takes around 2-3 days for me. Also was surprised how the use of the serum/cream made my face feel moisturised (but not in a sticky or oily way). Consistency of serum is really pleasant. I usually use toner and physiogel for my skin care routine and even then my face felt dry. But THIS! Can I use this everyday? Is it okay to use this everyday because I'd get worried if I couldn't use it too much..