[fwee] Lip & Cheek Blurry Pudding Pot (30 Colors) 5g

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NOTICE : This product is frequently sold out for each color option due to a surge in orders. Please understand that if a color is out of stock, delivery may be delayed or your order may be canceled without notice.


  • A soft color gradient that blooms on your face with just one finger, from lips to cheeks! Gently color from lips to cheeks with one finger.
  • The soft pudding formula fills in lip wrinkles to create smooth lips.
  • It consists of 30 colors in 6 moods to complete a variety of makeup.

Color :
ND01 Oh, ND02 Like, ND03 Without, ND04 My, ND05 Be
CR01 Dear, CR02 Boy, CR03 Bff, CR04 Seventeen, CR05 Girls
PK01 Baby, PK02 Skirt, PK03 Cherry, PK04 Crush, PK05 Sth
RD01 D-Day, RD02 Mule, RD03 Ambitious, RD04 Fav, RD05 Greedy
MV01 Chilln, MV02 Hurt, MV03 Baddie, MV04 Slayyy, MV05 Boss
RS01 Feeln, RS02 Layrics, RS03 Faded, RS04 Memories, RS05 Film

After taking an appropriate amount of the contents, spread it gently on the lips.

Each person may have different effects.
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Customer Reviews

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Its so pretty

Leonie F.

Sie müssen wissen, dass dieses Produkt SEHR farbgesättigt ist, Sie werden also nicht viel brauchen. Ich trage es nur als Rouge. Es hält buchstäblich den ganzen Tag – kein Auffrischen nötig. Lässt sich sehr gut verblenden, aber achten Sie darauf, dass Sie nicht „zu“ viel verwenden. Der Topf ist klein, aber ehrlich, er hält ewig! Wenn Sie diesen sonnenverbrannten Look haben möchten – als wären Sie den ganzen Tag am Strand gewesen –, ist dies das Richtige.

Stephanie D.

I have a lot of pigment in my lips naturally so don’t necessary take the color pay-off as accurate especially if your lips are less pigmented. I did not apply this product with a heavy hand and blurred it out a bit because that is how I like my lip products to go on; however, this product is buildable if you want more coverage. The feeling is unlike any other lip product but most closely resembles the feeling of a matte lip product minus the drying-out feeling those can sometimes give. I went back to buy more of these in other colors. Lovely product! Highly recommend.

www.tmkub.blogspot.ch -.8.R.G.e.w.-.8.R.G.e.

Tolles Produkt! Sehr empfehlenswert.


SO GOOD que me gustaría poder darle 10 estrellas, puedes aplicarlo en capas a partir de mis labios, pero es mejor que sea un lápiz labial intenso y también se difumina... aunque no te da un tono, pero es duradero y no reseca.
Elegí el color favorito 04